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Since I was 4 years old I've started to make my favourite toys of plasticine and from that age on I've never felt any special difficulties in making what I was seeing around. However, throughout the years I have learnt more techniques and develop my own skills.Many people have already asked me if it was a family tradition but, in fact, this isn't my case.This website has the purpose of showing some of my available crafts, which can be seen in my studio and others that are already part of private collections.Above you can see my studio, where I work, and which is at the same time my showroom.

The sculptures are mostly made of glazed stoneware.To understand my work better, above you can watch the first little movie, where you can watch me working on the 'Horse with red fruits'.If you need further information about me and my work, please click above on CONTACT and you will find the different ways to do it.