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Human and Anthropomorphic sculptures

size 50cm x 33cm 20" by 13" ***sold***

size lenght 50 cm x height 35 cm ***available***

size 37cm x 33cm ( candlestick) ***sold***

size 32cm x 28cm ***sold***

size 35 cm height x 30 cm lenght ***available***

size 19cm height x 16cm lenght ***available***

size height 58 cm width 40 cm ***available***

size lenght 28 cm x height 45 cm ***available***



size: lenght 35cm x height 17.5cm ***sold***

size: lenght 32 cm x height 23 cm ***availaible***



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size:height 27,5cm x lenght 21,5cm***sold***

size: height33cm lenght34cm ***available***